Monday, March 21, 2011

burrito's top 3 culinary creations

I have a sneaking suspicion that my daughter might just be a budding foodie.  She comes up with unusual food combinations that actually make a lot of sense and turn out to be delicious (in reality or in theory).

Here are Burrito's top 3 culinary creations, just for fun!

1) Macaroni and cheese cookies.  Ok, this one is just in imagination but it's an idea she came up with one day while playing in her kitchen.  It made total sense to me.  I could see us preparing some homemade macaroni and cheese (maybe with a little ricotta cheese and vanilla and held together by a bit of egg?), taking a spoon and forming little balls of macaroni and cheese goodness, breading it with a mixture of panko bread crumbs, butter and brown sugar and popping it in the oven to brown and turn crusty and buttery.  I may just have to try this one day!

2) Mozzarella panini dipped in fresh orange juice.  She came up with this one today when we were at an Italian bistro.  She had orange chunks on the side, with her panini and the juice from her oranges sat in the bottom of the cup.  She dipped her sandwich in there and devoured it with gusto.  Again, this made total sense to me.  The sharp, acidy sweetness of orange against the mild creaminess of the cheese and white bread.  I tried it too and it was lovely.

3) Animal crackers dipped in goat cheese.  (Ok, I just realized that all of Burrito's creations are made of cheese.  It's no wonder, since she is my daughter, after all.)  We discovered this one during our mini Oscars party that we had last month, just the two of us.  We laid out our snacks on the coffee table (which was a big deal since she NEVER gets to eat in the living room), including rice crackers with goat cheese.  But the ever-inventive Burrito dipped her animal crackers in goat cheese.  I had to try it too after that.  And it was outstanding.  The lemony shortbread of the cracker against the sharpness of the goat cheese was the perfect combination.  I may just pull that snack out sometime even after she's in bed.  It was that good!

Yes, I think Burrito is definitely on her way to foodie greatness!


  1. I was with you on the Mac & Cheese cookies until it came to the brown sugar! I have heard of fried Mac & Cheese - rolled into balls, coated with panko and deep fried, but Brown sugar? Hmmmm...don't know about that one!

  2. I think there would have to be some kind of sugar to make them cookies...any other ideas?

  3. Haha! I love this! I think you should totally go with this flow of fresh creativity. :) Oh, and I have recently discovered that you don't need sugar to make a cookie. :P

  4. My husband loves honey on his grilled cheese sandwiches, so honey might work to sweeten the Mac n Cheese cookies.
    The panini/OJ combo sounds great! I'll have to remember that.

  5. There is a restaurant that use to do a mac and cheese bite. Panko and of course deepfried, but the oven would work. They are fabulous.

  6. I don't know if I can picture honey with mac and cheese, but maybe with a really sharp cheese...I know goat cheese is good with honey.

    I just think brown sugar would work well with cheese, even though picturing it with a noodle is unusual.:-)

    I love my daughter...she's so cool...


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