Wednesday, February 2, 2011

dinner tonight

See how messy my counter is?  I'm still adjusting to less counter space in my new kitchen.  To be honest, it's kind of driving me nuts...but back to dinner...Last night we had pot pie with leftover chicken and cornbread topping.  This is my favorite way to use leftover chicken.  By the way, did you know baking a whole chicken is one of the cheapest ways to get meat in your diet?  I think we got our chicken for 79 cents a pound.  I got two meals out of this one and probably could have gotten a third if I had been willing to make broth from scratch.

Beets were on sale this week.  So, I'm servin' up beet salad with oranges, greens, vinaigrette, and goat cheese crumbles.


  1. Oh, Rebecca, you're missing out on homemade chicken stock. And it is so easy - throw a chicken carcass in with an onion cut in half, a few whole stalks of celery and a whole carrot, and simmer the crap out of it. Then take all that stuff out, strain it if you want to, chill it if you want to take the fat off, and freeze it in cupfuls in ziplocs laid flat.

    Well, it took a whole paragraph to write, but it is such an awesome way to really feel like you're not wasting any of that 79 cent a pound goodness. It always makes me feel like a virtuous housewife...

  2. The Mrs is totally right about chicken stock. I only do one thing different. I chop my celery, carrots, and onion and brown them. I like the flavor the carmelization gives to the stock.I also add some spices and a pinch of salt.
    We also buy rotiseri chickens once in awhile. We get three meals because of the chicken. The enchilladas I usually make with the leftover and then I usually boil the carcass for stock.


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