Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the well-composed plate

Or so my husband calls it.  I admit the brown rice is the quick cook kind.  But the lentils!  Oh, the lentils! 

The lentils don't look impressive, I realize, but they are rather outstanding.  The recipe is from the More with Less Cookbook.  Very simple ingredients.  Lentils, honey, onion, bacon, a simple sauce.  You let them simmer a while.  Then you let them bake a while till the savory smell permeates the house.  This is comfort food, friends. 

Then you have your obligatory greens...and your equally obligatory French baguette spread with soft butter. 

I think I agree.  It was a well-composed plate.


  1. Blogged a little about you today (, and wanted you to know I'm still very much enjoying your posts. Especially about butter.


  2. Thanks, Mrs. Sandi!:-) Much appreciate the shout-out! Potty-training and butter...I don't know what else better summarizes the stay at home mommy life. Although, I have to admit, I am way more serious about butter!

  3. Me too. Poor Burrito, and poor Miss.


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