Wednesday, February 9, 2011

one of those days

So today was one of those days.  Rush, rush rush.  Fuss, fuss, fuss.

Gotta get to the library for storytime.  The lady is always at least 15 minutes late…We have just enough time to make it by then!

Into the car.  10:06…whew, we’ll make it for sure!

Walk through the door at 10:15.  Oops, usual lady is not there.  Substitute instead.  She’s about to head out because she starts on time.  Feel bad!  Apologize.  She stays. 

Head home.  Nice time with Daddy over his lunchtime. 

Naptime…Daddy lays Burrito down for me! What a treat!

Afternoon, she messed her crib…wash the sheets…

“PLEASE eat your lunch.”

“Do you need a time out?”

“Eat another bite.  Eat! Another! Bite!”

“Please stay away from the stove!” 

“Mommy is trying to cook.  I’ll help you color later.”

“I know you want another envelope to color.  I just need to find and write the address on it first.”

“Don’t color on the address!  Just the white space!  Ok, good…”

“No, no, Burrito, no, no!” 


“Mommy’s sorry she lost her patience with you.  I love you.”

Reading stories, cuddling.  A few moments of calm.

Things to do!  Dinner to finish!  Editing to do! 

It’ll never work to have Burrito running around my feet.  We’ll just frustrate each other again.

Crib time!

Burrito from upstairs (who is nursing a cold): “I.NEED.KLEENEX!!!”

Run upstairs, give Kleenex. 

Finish cooking, laundry.  Soup simmers.

Run upstairs.  Grab Burrito.  “Wanna watch ‘Super Why’?” (Please say yes!)

Plop her down on couch.  Super Why to the rescue!

Get editing done. 

Daddy messages: “I’m comin’ home!”

Darn, I wanted to have dinner already on the table for him.  Rush up from computer, scurry around.

Daddy’s home!

Baked potato soup.  Made up the recipe myself.  Good but needs more salt, milk, crispier bacon.

And then….
“You the best cook Mommy…I love you very much, Mommy…You cute, Mommy!  You sweet Mommy!”

Awwww….I melt….

Yeah, it’s been one of those days…


  1. Oh dear. I know those. And that end bit is wonderful.

  2. Yep...
    Melting is definitely part of "mommy's" job description.
    Chris is right: classic!
    Thanks, Rebecca

  3. One of those days you long for warm weather and a nice fenced in area in the back yard that you can see from the kitchen window..... or a Mommy's helper (that's what we call high schoolers that come watch the kids play while mommy does housework).

  4. Embers...I was definitely thinking, "WHY is it frigid out TODAY???" Normally, it's warm here and she just needed to run around!


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