Tuesday, August 9, 2011

an ode to a husband who rocks

My husband rocks.  I forget so easily how much he rocks.  And then I have a moment like today when I think, wow...he totally rocks!

1. He loves Jesus.  I'm reminded all too often how many husbands are not only disinterested in church but are actually hostile to it.  My husband?  He'd go to church even if he wasn't the pastor.  And he wants to teach our daughter about Jesus too.  Score.

2. He listens to me and tries to understand me better than almost anyone I know.  Other than my Mom, nobody has ever taken that much time to try to know me.

3. He cheers me on in my dreams.  Nobody is more excited than him when I succeed.  Nobody is more sad for me than when I fall down.

4. He's always willing to help around the house and sometimes even does it without being asked.  He often spends precious hours on his day off helping me clean and organize.

5. And today he reminded me of all of these things when I called in a panic having gone shopping only to have my toddler spit up ALL OVER her carseat, self, and neighboring areas.  He met me at the door with sani-wipes and proceeded to spend 45 minutes cleaning up the whole awful mess while I cleaned up Burrito and myself and got her settled down to watch a video. 

He ROCKS.  And I love him!

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