Monday, January 2, 2012

multitudes on monday (106-110)

It's the first Multitudes post of the year!

106. The past month has been rich with wonderful memories, but also trying because I have been battling insomnia again.  And yet, even in the sometimes fog of sleeplessness, God's mercies are new every morning!  He sustains me when I have had a rough night and He fills me with joy when I sleep well.

107. My daughter's growing kindness and compassion.  When she came in to my room this morning, the first thing she said to me was, "Did you have a bad night, Mom?"  And I was happy to tell her I hadn't!

108. Wonderful family time playing board games with Christopher and Burrito this weekend.

109. The people in my life who "speak a word in season," a word of encouragement.

110. A great pep talk from my Mom this weekend.

Thanks be to God!

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