Thursday, December 29, 2011

Most Popular Posts of the Year: #7 The Berenstain Bears and Father as Dunce

For the next few days, I will be posting 10 most popular Flathead Mama posts of the year.  I would like to invite you to take this chance to catch up on a good buzz-worthy post that you may missed.  Please also drop a comment on the original post.  I'd love to continue the conversation.  If you found a post particularly useful to you, I'd love your help to get the word out about Flathead Mama: copy and paste the link and post to your Facebook page, Twitter about it, or post to a Pinterest profile.  

Thanks and enjoy!
In my #7 most popular post of the year, I take on a popular children's series of books (The Berenstain Bears) and confront its portrayal of Papa Bear as a dummy.  Yes, we still read the series in our house, because it does teach a lot of good values, but I am seriously critical of the idea that the man of the house has to be the comic relief.  A lot of you agreed with me and I still regularly get hits on my blog from people seeking someone with the same viewpoint.  I'd love to hear your recommendations of children's books that portray a strong, healthy father figure.

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