Monday, December 19, 2011

multitudes on monday (96-100)--and not succumbing to the "Pinterest mindset"

I have been rather neglectful of my Multitudes posts lately.  I think part of the reason for this is that it is difficult not to succumb to the "Pinterest mindset" that uses posts of gratitude as a way of self-promotion.  It should be about God, not about me.  It should be about His blessings in my life, not my attempt at a picture-perfect self-image.  I need to read One Thousand Gifts about a million more times and try to get this through my thick skull! 

I do think that sometimes it is easier to be thankful in a God-focused way when things are tough, rather than when things are good.  When things are tough, we are forced to lean hard on God and we notice the way He daily sustains us, because we know that without Him we would not make it through the day.  But in good times, we are likely to think it's all about us.  We are likely to think that any good we have in our lives is simply because we produced a perfect, well-ordered, beautiful life.  But all beauty is from God.  And all beauty points us to Him.  But how slow we are to realize this.  Or at least I am!

With that said, here are my attempts to give thanks to God, publicly before you all.  What are you grateful for this week?

96. A breakthrough in understanding the doctrine of election (the teaching that God chooses and draws to Himself those who come to faith in Him).  My vision of who God is is transformed.  I give thanks to God for the blessing of studying Romans 9-11 in detail, even though I will never fully fathom its depths. (I plan to write more on what the breakthrough was in the future.)

97. The blessing of my congregation's "Beyond our Walls" committee.  What a joy to hang out with other Christians who are excited about reaching out to our community!

98. That my daughter has been really getting the Christmas story learned this Advent season!  Working with the ebook Truth in the Tinsel has really helped with introducing her to the Christmas story.  Now, instead of just playing Cinderella and Belle, she is playing Mary and Joseph and Baby Jesus!

99. For the blessings of our congregation in general.  We moved into town almost exactly a year ago now.  It was the evening of last year's Christmas cantata.  So when I sat at the cantata this year, I found myself getting tears in my eyes thinking about how I didn't know any of the people who were singing yet last year and now so many of them are dear to my heart.  So much has happened in one year!

100. For a year of SO MUCH HEALING!  There's more to do, but God has brought me and our family so far!  And for this I say, thanks be to God!

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  1. Great thoughts. I was just reflecting on the MANY blessings He has bestowed our on our family this past year. It truly is about Him and I found it interesting that you were thinking on the same topic. Thanks.


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